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Lynk — Turning Empty Seats into Earnings for Fleets

Lynk connects travelers to the places they want to go at prices and quality they can’t find anywhere else—all while putting extra cash in our partner’s pockets. We partner with motorcoach carriers to sell their empty seats to on-the-go travelers across the US.

Every deadhead route you run results in empty seats and missed revenue. Lynk’s tech-based solution helps fill these empty seats and routes so partners can maximize their earnings without any extra work.

Become a Partner

With Lynk, our partners can enjoy the flexibility to select when and how you add routes to Lynk’s travel network, earn additional income by earning 75% on all Lynk routes, first-class customer support, and worry-free work environment, and hassle-free support with all rider bookings.

We’re looking for dedicated partners. Are you a motorcoach company that is looking to sell your empty seats and increase your bottom Line? Become a Partner Today!

To become a partner, please contact [email protected].